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It's always nice hearing from our customers and partners, and we'd like to share with you what they're saying...

You and your Audio Images team have far surpassed our expectations for our audio vision needs in the building of our new home. It is so refreshing to work with such talented, honest, conscientious people. You have all of the cutting edge technology information, and you have explained the options very well. You have smoothly worked with designers, contractors and carpenters, and the results are great.

Your ongoing service for troubleshooting any issue is also amazing. You have been available to us within minutes for any direction we may need for walking us through or correcting any glitch we experience (which is rare)—from TVs, DVRs, phones, internet or music. You have streamlined and simplified all entertainment in our home.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with your team and we wholeheartedly recommend you for future clients.
— Bill and Sue Gross, Laguna Beach, CA, Investor

Thank you so much for rushing over when you did. I am most appreciative. It meant a lot to me and just reinforces everything Audio Images stands for. It’s funny because one of my neighbors was complaining about his audio video experience last night and I mentioned to him that your service was at a level I had not seen from another company and tonight just reinforced that. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you rushing over here. Thanks again - you should be teaching courses in customer service - other people should be learning from you!
— Glenn Welling

I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting our entire home A/V system working flawlessly and in the process making it so amazingly user friendly and simple. After the new/updated hardware was all installed in a timely manner and after all the Crestron A/V reprogramming was done, I am still amazed daily at our ‘new’ home A/V system. I very much enjoyed working with John on the Crestron A/V system programming and was extremely impressed with his abilities and how quickly he tackled all our software programming needs and issues. Everything works 100% seamlessly and bugs here or there...nothing but ease of use and everything working as it should. Also, after having given up any hope of it ever working correctly, the now 100% flawless control of our complex Jandy pool system with the Crestron controller is truly beautiful. And getting everything done within budget as you said it would is another testament to you and your company’s focus on the customer and their satisfaction. Thanks so much again for all you did to make our lives simpler and more enjoyable with one (or in this case, many) less things to deal with!!!
— Matt Parsons, Newport Coast, CA

Tammy and I want to thank you for the exceptional job your company did at our home. Your staff was very knowledgeable and professional and also very responsive and obliging. We are delighted with the system you suggested and installed. We thought what we had before was great but this new system far exceeded our expectation. The remotes are very easy to use and it is amazing just what they can do. We also are extremely impressed with the kaleidoscope system. It is very practical and particularly easy to use and offers incredible flexibility. Mark, it’s rare that we get a chance to work with someone as professional and specialized as you and your staff. We want to thank you very much for all your time and effort. We look forward to working with you in the near future.
— John and Tammy Miller, Corona Del Mar, CA

It has been a bit over two years since Audio Images designed and installed our home theater systems, whole house audio and wireless network. This is our fourth home to have similar systems, but the first done by Audio Images. We have to say this is the only home in which everything still works. The system was well designed, easy to operate, and your follow up service has always been prompt and professional. Even when our discriminating up-the-hill neighbor asked us to move our dish several times, you guys were pleasant and proficient. The components you selected were top notch, you worked with our contractor to integrate the system in a fashion that blends with the style of our home, and you have stood behind your work. Even more amazing in today’s world, your employees are efficient while they worked in our home and punctual. What more could we have expected from you?
— Tom Denison

Thanks for the great work on our custom home in Newport Beach. We all are enjoying the home theater in the basement and the audio system throughout the house is functioning well. I am impressed by your diligence in getting the job done correctly, and your prompt handling of the minor technical issues that arise from time to time as expected during the first few months. Your entire team is very professional, qualified and a pleasure to work with.
— Bob Gorab, Orthopaedic Specialty Institute

I have wanted a theater room for over 20 years. The purchase of my new home was based on the possibility of creating a new room that would feature a state-of-the-art theater room to entertain myself and my family for years to come. For this reason, my research into the proper person and proper company to build this project for us was extensive and spanned over a year. I talked to dozens of individuals, some of whom were extremely qualified in constructing a media room and some who thought a media room consisted of five speakers and a large screen. Mark Ontiveros and his company, Audio Images, were the perfect fit for me. Mark clearly knows his craft and understood my concerns regarding sound isolated and the creation of this room meeting certain requirements. His knowledge in the field of audio and visual integration far exceeds that of most in this business and his ability to implement the customer’s desires and visions for the room are exemplary. His design paradigms have been honed due to the outsourcing he does to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship in relation to the room. The smallest details are important to Mark and his team and in constructing the room, all details are carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality result. Mark is extremely patient and even though he was busy with his wife having their first baby (which can be extremely time consuming), he always answered my calls regardless of time of day or day of the week. Even a call on Sunday night at 8pm was answered. That is the sign of someone devoted to their relationship with their customer. If you want a room that will exceed your expectations and blow the minds of all your friends, I suggest you work with Audio Images — Mark Ontiveros is the best of the best!
— Chetan K. Mehta, DMD, MSD, Orange County Endodontics

Mark takes what he does very seriously. Servicing his clients with the highest quality results is super important to him. He’s not after their money; he’s after giving them top-level service. That can be hard to accomplish in the world of custom... Mark has taken this to an art form.
— Anthony Grimani, President, PMI, Ltd.