Audio Images Wins Best Media Room (Global) CEDIA Award

Audio Images (Orange County, California) has once again been honored by CEDIA, the international association of residential A/V integrators. Their project entitled “Inside Out” was awarded the Global Best Media Room award.

With over 20 CEDIA awards earned in the past several years, this global award was particularly special to Audio Images.

To quote from the CEDIA awards presentation:

The challenges of this space were apparent: it’s got to sound and look fantastic, even with its movable glass walls open to the adjacent courtyard … but no challenge was too great for the integrator [Audio Images], so they set off to find the correct amount of absorption and acoustical treatments to help bring the room back to proper reverberation.

A 9.4.2 Dolby Atmos system was matched with LCR speakers behind the acoustically transparent screen and angled-baffle speakers mounted in the ceiling creates the immersive effect. A Barco projector provides the image on a 1.78:1 screen.

The interior designer wanted a metal frame for the screen, but that wasn’t possible — so a faux-finisher was enlisted to create the right look. The client was also able to add equipment he’d dreamt of since childhood: MacIntosh components to play the vinyl record collection he’s in the process of rebuilding.


An informal look belies the extensive and precise calibration this room required. The system was carefully tuned, voiced, and optimized utilizing digital parametric equalization … using a combination of transfer function impulse response measurements with spatial averaging, time varying windowing, and psychoacoustic smoothing.

Ultimately, the Solutioneers at Audio Images had one goal — to create the client’s dream space, both inside and out — for their friends and family to gather, listen to music, watch TV and movies, play games and have fun! The CEDIA judges agreed, calling it “an absolutely lovely installation” and awarding it best in the world.

AuthorJason Niedle